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Career Development? Where do I Start?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Not sure about your next step? Looking for a new challenge? Perhaps you should do a bit of career development. It won’t be difficult if you follow this recipe:

1. Brainstorming

Let close friends/colleagues help you during your thinking process, especially if you know they will be honest in a positive way. If you feel you need further assistance, think about engaging a coach.

What to avoid: clearly biased coaches (the ones not really working for you or limited in their actions by the institution they are working for) and the temptation of putting it all off.

2. Set a preliminary clear and achievable course of action

Now that you have a goal, work on making it positive and achievable. It should be something like ‘I’ll be a happy project manager in an IT company in London in 2 years’ time’.

What to avoid: Having a goal that is not clear nor achievable or attempting the same thing that got you to hit the wall at a cliquey small town/market for too long. Additionally, you should triple check every part of the recommendations for further studies to be sure they are helpful.

3. Networking, networking, networking

If you are afraid of networking, then you should practice and persist. Networking is very helpful to get promotions, new jobs and similar. You should target people that have landed in the territory you would like to be through social networks to further validate/enhance your plan with them, and even ask them to introduce you to potential employers if you feel they are genuinely interested in helping.

What to avoid: people that you don’t ’click’ with or following advice that has taken you nowhere in the past.


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