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How to successfully manage multiple tasks

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The bigger the role you have, the more tasks you are required to do. Nonetheless, this can be tricky to manage, especially if you are starting to be a manager. Below we provide you with a simple bag of tricks to succeed:

Step 1: Manage the psychology behind it

Every moment you spend freaking out is a moment you are not progressing the tasks assigned. If you feel the stress is getting to you, you should execute a ‘reset’ activity a few times a day such as exercising, walking, meditating, having a tea/coffee/drink, or similar.

Step 2: Plan your day/week/month strategically

Your priority should be to organise your daily activities so you can focus on one thing at a time. A simplified example is presented below:

6 am – 7 am Perform your ‘reset’ activity

7 am – 8 am Have breakfast, check social networks and/or plan your goals for today and/or perform a task from the day before to get things kicked off on a win

8 am – 9 am Check and answer emails and prepare for meetings

9 am – 12 pm Attend to meetings

12 pm – 1 pm Have lunch and progress emails

1 pm – 2 pm Finalise emails and do phone calls

2 pm – 3 pm Focus on daily priorities (urgent items)

3 pm – 4 pm Focus on weekly priorities

4 pm – 5 pm Focus on monthly priorities

5 pm – 6 pm Leave this slot unallocated just in case you need extra time for anything and/or prepare for the next day

6 pm – 7 pm Perform your ‘reset’ activity and have dinner

7 pm onwards Be happy with your loved ones or by yourself and avoid doing work if possible

You should avoid mixing things up - if you are working on today’s priorities don’t get distracted with phone calls or emails unless they are very urgent. Your brain will be much happier if you do.

If people keep asphyxiating your agenda with meetings, you’ll have to decline the less urgent ones otherwise you won’t be able to progress anything. You should say ‘no’ diplomatically when appropriate.


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