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The answer to this question is not straightforward. It depends on what style of project management is right for your context.

More and more organisations are adopting Agile project management. Why is this happening? Because clients want the flexibility it brings when it comes to changes, prioritisation, feasibility, and project delivery.

The traditional/waterfall approach requires a detailed scope of work, plan and budget (the project baselines), which follow the priorities defined during the feasibility study. Changes are possible but difficult to implement, as all project baselines need to be updated beforehand. This approach works particularly well for example when erecting a building where a natural sequence exists.

Things operate differently when using Agile techniques. The client usually brings a non-final scope of work with a list of key deliverables/features classified as essential or desirable. One or more small Agile teams are set up to deliver the project on an iterative/incremental basis, with some deliverables/features delivered on each iteration. This allows clients to easily make small changes, constantly check feasibility and add inputs every step of the way, as each iteration is planned usually with the client’s input. This works beautifully when developing software, where the development sequence is highly dependent on what the client wants.


- There are many different methods/frameworks behind the Agile umbrella. The most popular ones are Scrum and Kanban, but there are many others e.g. XP (Extreme Programming) and DevOps.

- Agile cannot be used in all projects/sectors due to its nature.

Now, how the different project management certifications differ from each other?

In the past, the PMP® certification was more focused on traditional project management. Nowadays, it covers both traditional and Agile project management, same as the PRINCE2® Certification. However, the PRINCE2 Agile® is a project management certification focused solely in Agile Project Management.

Do you still have questions or need assistance? We are have extensive experience in project management. We have senior MBA-qualified professionals with Project Management Certifications (PMP and PRINCE2 Agile) who will be delighted to help you.

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