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How we can help your business wrap up the EOFY.

Wrap up EOFY

We know that wrapping up the EOFY is complex for businesses. There is lots to do during a short period of time.

We also know that resources are tight due to inflationary and challenging economic circumstances, and that it’s getting harder and harder to hire short-term employees and contractors due to the low unemployment rate.


However, we can make everything easier for you. We are a boutique professional services firm, providing on-demand assistance to enhance your business operations.


What makes us so special?

  • We've helped businesses and professionals for over 7 years.

  • Our clients are our partners. We care about them, and we want them to succeed.

  • Our staff are highly experienced and qualified (MBA, PMP, PRINCE2 Agile, NV1).

  • Competitive rates.

  • You can hire us on demand rather than recruiting new employees or contractors.

In brief, we won’t attempt to get you to pay a fortune for long reports or assignments that don’t generate any value. We know better than that.


This is what our clients say about us:

"From the onset, Gonzalo demonstrated a willingness to understand our business using data-driven approaches, which allowed us to make informed decisions for improvement."

"Gonzalo’s analytical abilities and meticulous attention to detail enabled him to swiftly identify key opportunities for growth. His excellent communication skills and empathetic approach fostered a collaborative environment."


Now, what exactly can we do for you to make your EOFY easier?

Over a few hours a week and/or a few days a month:

  1. We can provide you with a qualified, cleared (NV1), and experienced IT/non-IT project manager to help finalise or accelerate your strategic projects or your external projects (more details here).

  2. Undertake some of your EOFY strategic tasks such as business performance reporting, board reporting, or strategic analysis.

  3. Help you finalise your strategy for the next financial year.

  4. Pick up tasks that are not getting done on time, so you can focus on more strategic tasks.

  5. Provide you with advisory services (strategy consulting, operations consulting, and similar) to resolve this year’s problems, so they don’t travel with you into the new financial year (more details here).

We help businesses of all sizes and across different sectors, especially healthcare, professional services, technology, consumer goods, FMCG, retail, engineering and construction.


Ready to take the First Step? Reach out to us via the 'Contact us' section on our website and share your needs. Then, let's meet over coffee to hash out the details of our collaboration. Once we've inked the services agreement and locked in the terms, we're primed to dive in and start delivering results for you, pronto!

Simplify your EOFY! Contact us today and let's team up. We're here to lend a hand and ensure your success.



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